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Fightin' 7 is located at 9350 NW 22 Ave in the West Little River section of the Miami. Firehouse 7 is located in Battalion 5 along with Firehouses #2,#26,#39 and #42. Fightin' 7 is composed of an Engine Company and Rescue Company, both companies have been some of the busiest companies in Miami-Dade since their organization. Engine Company 7 was organized in the year of 1949 and originally housed in a small fire house on the northwest corner of NW 103 St and NW 17th Ave before being later relocating to a temporary firehouse located at 2601 NW 103 St. They stayed in the temporary quarters with Rescue Co. 7 for almost 30 years. Now home to Chancy's Auto Tinting.

Engine Co. 7 and Rescue Co. 7 moved to their current firehouse on 22nd Ave in 1994, shortly after Hurricane Andrew. A modern 7,000 sq ft facility with hurricane shutters and a back-up generator was a dream over the 1,000 sq ft "auto body shop" that the members lived in for years. The old firehouse kitchen table still remains in the apparatus bay on 22 ave which was nothing more than a picnic table.

The members of the Fightin' 7 have always been highly motivated and extremely aggressive making it a sought after assignment. Firehouse 7 consistently remains one of the busiest firehouses in Miami-Dade in terms of runs and fire duty.